Monday, May 2, 2016

¡La meta! y una visita de los asistentes 21-9-10

Well, this week has just been a roller coaster. As always we kept busy with work visitas with other missionaries and trying to keep to the zone pumped. We put a rather high goal for baptisms and rescues. 21 baptisms with 9 familias and 10 adult males. Last month we fell short of our goal and finished with only 5 baptisms. But we are super excited to work with this new goal. The missionaries were a little surprised at first, but are now working hard trying to find the people that God has prepared, and that gets me super excited!

We right now have Renzo and Cristian ready for their baptisms this week. We also have another awesome family that wants to listen to us but the wife is literally going to give birth any moment now and that makes matters a little complicated. Prayers are always appreciated. 

We were also blessed to receive a visita from the assistants this week. They kinda took us by suprise, they called us at 10:30 at night informing us that they were waiting outside our door. Only two of the three came, Elder Crespo y Elder Buckner. They came mainly to check up on us and ask how they could help us reach our goal, (Like I said, it´s a little high). It was an amazing visit, mainly because I have worked so closely with both of them for a really long time. There were a lot of jokes and memories shared, but also a lot of helpful advice. 

The work continues to roll forth. Sometimes it feels like a roller coaster, which is awesome because there is nothing else to do sometimes but sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Elder Bradford

PS I should be calling around 4pm Utah time, maybe a little later. 

I was going to buy it, but I was a little unsure of how I would get it on the plane.

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