Monday, March 21, 2016

Si, me falta tres meses

Wow, well first of all thank you to everyone for reminding me that I have three months left. On a brighter note, we found an amazing family this week! I know I say that almost every week, but I feel really good about this family. For the past four weeks we have been finding familias, but then they never come to church. Well, after church Elder Ramirez and I did divisiones and I went to visit the fathers of a convert who have been super prepared! Anyways, during that time, my member companion introduced me to at least six or seven friends- they are actually clients of his, but he is so friendly with everyone that it all worked out in the end. To cut to the chase, we talked to the Cuva Family who has easily been prepared since before the fundacion of the earth. We did not have the time to talk to the mom, but the dad accepted a return appointment right off the back and also agreed to teach me how to garden. He grows limon, coco, and three other plants that are only native to Peru. I am pretty excited. 

Well, my time is almost up, but a few more things. Thanks mom for the package, your the ¨bomb¨! I will be looking forward to that wedding invitacion and I sent Brooke that pic that you were asking for. 

I trust that the Lord is protecting you all and I invite you all to gear up now for conference, I am already getting my questiones ready, are you? And again, if you haven`t seen the Easter video yet, watch it. 

Elder Bradford

The hermanas had an amazing baptism this Saturday, Hernesto. He was super prepared and even asked three weeks ago if he could make up church attendences when he missed church do to a trip he took. 

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