Monday, March 14, 2016

Conferencia con Elder Lynn G. Robbins

This week we had a conference with Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the presidencia of the Seventy. We were combined with the Lima East mission and had the chance to hear Elder Uceda, from the area seventy, and his wife, and then we listened to Elder Robbins speak- en spanish en which he is apperently fluent. Sister Uceda spoke about what a mother likes to see in her missionary child. She spoke about the desire to see that child grow from a boy into a man, or a girl into a women. Elder Uceda made it a point to emphasize that we should prepare ourselves to listen to Elder Robbins which really helped me to recieve a mountain worth of revelacion even though Elder Robbins did not take that much time. I did come away with the realization of how much the work has progressed in Peru and also of the spiritual growth that should take place personally. 

During the week we also found a really cool family, which is actually two different familias that live in the same house. We were only able to take with Katy, the mom, but this week we plan on finding the dad and inviting them to get married. 

We are also working with the family of a recent convert. Nelson y Patricia. They are already married, which is a miracle here in Peru, especially in Wiesse! Their daughter is very active in the church and they always accept us in thier house. The only problem is that Nelson has to take care of his dad, who suffered a stroke some time ago, every saturday night and sunday morning. Prayers would be greatly appriciated for the two familias. 

Apart from our awesome familias, we are just gearing up for General Conference and I believe the Easter Inicitive from the church, if you have not seen it yet repent and watch it- it is so good.

I hope everyone is enjoying the upcoming spring and thank you for all of your prayers! I know that this is God`s work and the Jesus is our Savior. 

Elder Bradford

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