Monday, March 28, 2016

La Pascua paso? Cuando?

Well, I missed the Easter bunny this year. 

Okay, so just some highlights from my week. 

First, totally forgot it was easter until I read mom`s letter today. 

Second, got a little sad when realized that it already passed.

We worked liked dogs this week and saw five wonderful people walk through the church doors on Sunday.

The hermanas also had a family come out of nowhere to the sacrament meeting.

Franklin, our awesome investigador who has change almost 360, is now getting ready to marry. 

I actually do know Elder Mason Wells, we never had the chance to be great friends, but we did interact quite a bit. I was relieved to hear that he is doing well.

Oh, and we recieved a nice suprise call from President Erickson informing my companion that he will be the next district leader of Mariscal and that I have a transfer to Canto Grande. I`m excited, sad, but ready to serve. 

Hope everyone is ready for Conference because here it comes!

Elder Bradford

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