Wednesday, March 9, 2016

El Milagro del ayuno

So, I don`t have a ton of time this week. But I had a really cool experience this week with fasting. We did a zone fast Saturday to help us with our monthly goal. My companion and I then left Sunday in the morning one hour before church to passby our investigadores but NO ONE came with us. We even got to the church a little early and left again to find others, but we still returned with no one. Well, what did we find in the second hour? References from the sister missioneries! A couple who lives in our area actually attended church this Sunday! I feel like I should just fast every sunday because so far I have always recieved a miracle from it! 

Sorry, I am really short on time, but want to share with my family the testimony that I share everyday with strangers. I know that Jesus is the Christ and is our savior. I know that the atonement has healing power and power to renew, I have felt it and savored it. I know that this is the only true church of God and nothing within this earth, or below it, with remove what I have felt, and know, to be true. I will forever be grateful to a loving Father in Heaven for the chance He has given me to be here and grow in a way that only He can manage. 

Elder Bradford

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