Monday, February 29, 2016

Tan, pero tan rápido pasa el tiempo

Well, today I am super short on time. We had a lesson early in the morning and got to internet a little late. Also, today my trunky paper arrived. It is basically the information that I give to the Personal Secretary so that he can buy my flight. It really just makes me feel old. 

Anyways, this week was one of the hardest yet best weeks of my mission. For the last three days almost every appointment we had fell through. Literally, almost every single one. So what does one do en the hot sun and long roads, find members of course. We pulled out our handy list of members and searched out the reinforcements. What did we find? Less actives! It was actually a real blessing because a lot commented how we are the first members to pass by in a long, long time. We actually found a lot of nonmember family members as well. And at the last hour of the week- 8pm sunday night- we found a less active who gave up believing in the Book of Mormon due to bad experiences in the church. We taught about the Restauracion of the Gospel and they had a thousand questions, and after an hour they finally opened up confessed that they had already recieved a testimony of the book, and that they would reread it. It was one of those experiences that make these two years all worth it. 

We also have another awesome less active who came to church yesturday and is married and his wife has other beliefs, but is very kind and always tells us to come by to talk to her husband, Wilson, and her kid. We have slowly started playing a sublte game of chess trying to trap her with Wilson to teach them both. It is a long term type of game. 

Well, there goes my time. En varias sentidos. I already wrote President Erickson about my endorsement and I hope everything goes well with the wedding preparacion - can`t wait to meet my new brother in law! 

Love ya all
Elder Bradford

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