Monday, February 22, 2016

Good Old Wiesse

So this past week we had our stake conference, but it was divided in two parts. Two of the wards attended at 8 am and the rest at 11. We were also apperently invited to the Saturday adult session. My companion and I said that we were going to bring a family to the saturday session but just our luck, no one came. Anyways we show up at 7 pm right on time and what do we find? President Erickson with Sister Erickson on the stand, a few priesthood holders who were still there from the priesthood session and maybe thirty members seated in the audience. So we left. At first I felt slightly bad for bringing down the attendence, but then we found an awesome family in our area to teach, so my feelings of sorrow evaporated rather quickly.  

Speaking of awesome familias, we are currently teaching Miguel y Celeste. Celeste is super excited and ready to get married and baptized, but Miguel is a little further behind in his spiritual progress. However, I know that they will be baptized in March and in one year get sealed as family. They also have one of the cutest little babies that I have ever seen!

We were also highly blessed on Sunday when not only Miguel y Celeste came to the conference alone, but a brand new family also came with us. So here is the quick story, we fasted on saturday that Miguel y Celeste would come- which they did Miracle 1. We left at 7 Sunday morning to pick up a different family- Julia y Williams. Got to thier house and no one answered the door. Started searching for other familias when a member asks us to pass by thier friend`s house that we had visited once before with them. So we go with faith and find the the dad is at work, but the mom with the three kids are ready and waiting to go to church with us! Miracle 2.

Also, Hernan got baptized on Saturday! However, the ward mission leader told us to wait to do the confirmacion on Sunday, so we waited. But guess what, Hernan had to be somewhere else that morning, so he never showed up to the conference. We passed by his house, and nothing. He wasn`t there, nor did he answer his cell phone. Half an hour later our mission leader calls us saying that Hernan showed up to the stake center alone. Fifteen minutes later he sends us a text telling us that Hernan got confirmed by the stake president. Miracle 3. 

I am thoroughly convinced that everyday holds miracles if we only take the time to search for them. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Bradford

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