Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Se casaron Jose y Kelly! Por fin

I feel like like I haven´t written for a such a long time. Let´s back up to last Wednesday. So last Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary training, which was pretty sweet. They touched a lot about the Gospel of Christ and our purpose as missionaries. 

Then I was given the amazing opportunity to head back to Comas- one of my old zones and accompany a missionary over there for a couple of days. We taught an amazing family that are right on the verge of accepting baptism for the 30 of this month. The zone leaders- one is my dear friend Elder Hunt- arranged a work visit and I got sent back to my old area of Retablo for a day! I was given the chance to see and talk with some converts and see that the missionary work continued in their family as Jose Luis, the brother of the hermana Patti, was baptized just a week before I came back! It was truly an incredible experience to see their spiritual growth- Hermana Josefa, the sweet grandma that I baptized, just finished the Book of Mormon days before the visit. 

I eventually made my way back to the offices on Saturday- just in time for our pday. However, poor Elder Cowger was not entirely sure of a couple of things, so pday soon became make-up-work-day. But it felt really good actually! Right when we finished one thing it was on to the next. And, almost forgot, but Hermana Ruth got baptized! She is a women of great faith that we have been teaching for about three weeks now. We were a little unsure if she would get into some cold water for her baptism, but we spent most of the day warming it up and had a whole lot of faith. Well, basically at five in the afternoon we started the service and the second I stepped into the water, it was cold. But Hermana Ruth was awesome and came right in after me! 

Sunday we saw a miracle when an investigator who told us she would not attend actually came down with her husband who is less active. She only stayed for an hour or two, but I still call it a win! 

Monday was fun day. Lots of office work and then I took a quick trip to Wiesse- my very first zone and my home. There was a poor elder who didn´t have any clean clothes. Long story short, his bag of clothes ended up in the offices, so by way of commandment from the asistentes, my companions went out to the area and I took off for Wiesse. It was great to see the same old sights and roads again, but it was even better to think of the growth that the area has experienced since I was there last. I heard the church is growing there and I do not doubt it for a single second.

Tuesday was a teach Elder Cowger how to pay the mission day and then study for four hours while he does it and help him when he has cuestiones. He did really well for his first time. He took an hour longer than I did when I did it for the first time, but he found a way to update some excel worksheets automatically which should save an hour or so of time in the future, so I would say we came out even. 

Tuesday night I received a phone call that a family in my district no longer wanted to get married- Hermano Jose y Hermana Kelly. The family has been in teaching on and off for over six months. So I called up the Zone Leaders and got ourselves an appointment with the family and pulled out a sweet lesson at six o clock in the morning. After two hours of Elder Wagstaff- my old CCM companion and current zone leader- teaching about the way of Christ and the way of Satan, and me testifying of his teaching, the family agreed to get married! At around twelve in the afternoon we went down the government building and they signed the final paper in the process and as of two o clock Wednesday January 27, 2016 Jose y Kelly are a married couple awaiting their baptism this Saturday! 

I know this letter is a tad long, but I guess that is what happens when one doesn´t write in a while. Anyways, the countdown continues, 13 more days and I am out of the air conditioned offices and back on the streets of Lima, and back on a Monday writing schedule. Have a great week!

Elder Bradford

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