Wednesday, December 16, 2015

La Clinica

This transfer has been crazy! Apart from random stuff happening in the offices, my companion and I have gotten hammered with clinic duty, well he has gotten hammered, and I have just been unable to find divisions in time. I am pretty sure we have set a new record, the last time we counted there have been more than ten appointments for the clinic just in this transfer. Needless to say we have struggling in our area a bit. We are currently in the process of finding new people to teach and well, it has been a very slow process. We have about four houses of active members in our area that we know of. We´ve been rotating around asking them for references, and practically contacted in every part of our area, BUT nevertheless, I know God will bless us for our efforts.

Recently I have been meditating a lot in the parable of the prophet Zenos of the wild olive tree. Towards the end of the parable we find verse 70, And came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard sent his servant, and he went and did that which the Lord had commanded him, and brought other servants; AND THEY WERE FEW.¨  It really hit me to think that even though we love to boast of the number of missionaries there are, in reality we are few, and I know that is how the Lord meant it to be. It is similar to when the Lord asked Gideon to gather an army and he gathered too many, the Lord reduced the number to show His will would be done and numbers are obsolete. 

Well, to be honest this week proved to be pretty calm. To answer your questions, I am not quite sure when I will skype you guys yet, we will probably talk about it next week. I did get my package, and don´t worry, it is still somewhat closed up under my bed. Christmas here is Peru is pretty big, but very different. Instead of all the kids going to bed early Christmas eve to wait for santa, the whole family stays up late for dinner, super late, and then at midnight the sky just gets lighted up with fireworks! Last year we watched it from my bedroom window, and I felt like I was in a massive war zone. The poor dogs go crazy. 

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and are taking advantage of the church´s website it is so sweet. Also, the church just put out a video called Infant Holy, Infant Lowly. Es LO MAXIMO! Just look it up. 

Elder Bradford

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