Monday, December 21, 2015

¿Calabazas Navideña?

Well, I don't think I will be writing too much due to that we will be talking later this week. But we did have a really cool experience this week. No one committed to coming to church this week, so we left right after our ward council to see who we could get. we passed by a family we had taught and the mom told us that they would not be able to go that day. Well, we told her we would be waiting, and then we got pretty sad when church started and she wasn't there. However, as we are walking out at the end there she was. She started talking to us about the class she went to, how it was called Relief Society. She only came for one hour, but for this family it was a huge step! We are now focusing hard on getting her and her three children ready for January.

We are also getting ready for the Christmas activity we have this Thursday. We will be doing skits as zones, and we the offices have been practicing our skit pretty rigorously- like at least twice. Anyways, I will let you know how it went later this week. 

So we are still planning out the schedule for skype here, but do you guys have any plans to leave on Christmas? If not I was thinking of skyping around four my time, which should be about two your time. 

Random question for the week, who has ever carved a pumpkin for Christmas? Elder Crespo and Elder Nielsen were shocked to hear that I have never heard of it, and I was shocked to hear that they celebrate Halloween for Christmas. 

Well, sorry for the short email, but I will see you all soon!

Elder Bradford


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