Monday, November 9, 2015

Las Señas

Wow, first of all, thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a really good week. It actually went by so fast that we pretty well forgot that not only my birthday passed by, but also that of my companion´s... We are planning on celebrating this week. 

This last Wednesday we had our mission council. President really has a strong focus in contacting and teaching adult men and their families. In all my time in the mission I can truly say that I have seen the Lord hasten His work. So far this year we have increased the baptisms of each month. For example, last January we baptized a certain amount, but this January we baptized more. 

Time is really short right now, but really this week was pretty great! We saw a less active in church this sunday and she just bawled as she entered the church. We also took her to Family History and in the process I learned about Spanish sign language. There is a member who is deaf and is helping the Hermanas in my district with a deaf family that they are teaching. The problem is that I still have to do the interviews with them for baptism. 

Well, my time is pretty well up. I will try to write more next week and hope you all know how much I love you guys. My scripture for this week is Helaman 5:10-11, I know that I said it was for this past week, but I did not have the time to really study it as much as I would have liked to, so here we go for the second time.

¨And remember also the words that Amulek spoke to Zeezrom in the city of Ammoniah; he said that the Lord surely shall come to redeemer his people; but shall not come to redeemer them in their sins, but to redeemer them from their sins. 
And having received power, that the Father has given Him, to redeemer men from their sins by means of repentance;therefore, having sent His angels to declare the news of the conditions of repentance, which leads to the power of the Redeemer the the salvation of their souls.¨

Elder Bradford

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