Saturday, November 14, 2015

El Mundial

This week we had our semiannual Mundial! All 190+ missionaries gathered from the four corners of the mission to battle for the rights of champion. Personally, I thought my team had a fairly good chance of making it to the top, and we did make it to the second round, and then lost tragically. On that same page though, I did get to see some old ward members due to the field being in one of my old areas. The only true downside was that it was the one day that the sun decided to come out, and it came out in force. The whole mission pretty well fried, even the majority of the Latinos. 

Right now we are gearing up for another week of transfers. This Tuesday will officially mark my 
halfway point in the offices. I cannot believe how fast the time goes by around here! We are also looking forward to receiving a new assistant, our old one is pretty well worn down and the warranty has already expired. It has really been a sweet three months serving side by side with Elder Nuñez, this old assistant, but his time is now up and he is well ready to return to his house with honor. 

We also have Christmas coming up on our calendar, and while I am sad to spend another christmas away from home, I am also super pumped to spend it here in the offices! Elder Nielsen and I are already talking about decorating the offices if President lets us. Personally I want to buy a Christmas tree, but Elder Nielsen told me not to get my hopes too high. 

Anyways, as usual, nothing else really happened this week. Today we are getting ready for a ward activity and then the baptism of Roberto, a young man with 17 years and super sweet. He is already more active than most of the ward leaders. Well, attached is a pic of my many novias in the mission. She happened to come to our mundial with her family. We get along pretty great. My Spanish still isn't perfect, but she really seems to understand me well.

Elder Bradford 

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