Monday, November 2, 2015


So, I heard this week was Halloween or something. Well, as it turns out, most of Peru does not believe in Halloween. They prefer to celebrate Señor de los Milagros. It basically means that everyone puts out posters of Jesus being crucified and carry giant pedestals of idols around on their shoulders. (It is very similar to how movies show ancient kings being carried around on a big platform with two long poles and four men carrying it, one on each corner with the end of the pole on his shoulder.) Other than that, some of the little kids go trick-o-treating at the small stores. Sometimes they get a small piece of candy, sometimes no.

As the offices, we got invited to eat with president for our pday this week. It was amazing! Him and Hermana Erickson cooked us meat, baked potatoes, soup, and root-beer floats. We all nearly died eating too much. But we also got to visit their house in San Isidro, which is pretty close to being in the states and completely different from Lima. 
In our area this week, we finally got the permission slip for one of our investigators, Roberto. It wasn´t that his mom did not want to give it to us, just that she was never home to sign it. He is 17 and technically a young men, but we currently do not have any in our ward so he has been coming with us to Elder´s quorum. However, he has a lot of friends and we are really trying to visit them to build up the youth program here. There are plenty of member youths, but all are inactive, so we figure it would be best to start with new blood and try to bring back the old, kinda like the story of the olive tree in Jacob 5- we are basically working to complete prophesies. 
Nothing else interesting has really happened this week. I did get my birthday package, thanks again! I have yet to pick a new ponderizing scripture for this week, but I am thinking of Helaman 5:10-11, es poderoso para enseñar el arrepentimiento! 

Elder Bradford
Picture of a service project we did for a less active. Es el cholo trabajando en su ambiente natural.

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