Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mi Primer Matrimonio

This week has been so tiring but so much fun! The only event I can remember from it was the massive wedding we had. Being in the offices, we had to prepare the chapel the night before, and everything was ready to get prepared, but then at the last minute we found out that the chapel was already booked and so long story short we moved the whole thing to another stake center close by in Independencia. In this same night Elder Murillo y I had a ward activity that we were trying to do as well, but we ended up cutting it short at about 8:30pm and headed down to help the other elders set up. Let´s just say that some interesting things happen when seven elders try to set up for a wedding the night before. We almost got it done, but had to put the finishing touches in the morning before the wedding. After we completely finished we went to the room to shower and change, and went straight back to the stake center to help direct the crowds.
Well, I am having a really hard time finding the time to finish this letter, so I think I will just end with this. My scripture for ponderizing this week is Abraham 3:25 

¨And with this we shall test them, to see if they will do all the things that the Lord their God have commanded them.¨ 
It has been pretty interesting to see how this scripture applies to different people. Some are still searching for the commandments of God, others know what they are and live them, and others refuse to live what they know to be true. 
To answer some of your questions really fast. No, there is not a single Elder Harrison in our mission, but I did know a Harrison from before the mission. I did get the package from the Relief Society, thanks so much! Starbursts do not exist here and so it was a pleasant surprise to see them again. And if you would like to send me two or three pairs of socks for Christmas I wouldn´t complain too much. 
Well, hope all is going well at home, tell Brady hi for me and that serving a mission will truly be the best choice he could ever make in this life and maybe even for all of eternity. There is always time to marry and serve God, but to serve as a full time missionary in this time of the world is a once in an eternity chance. I will forever be grateful that I made the decision to come out here. 

Elder Bradford
Me at my desk with the package from the ward
Picture of el matrimonio

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