Monday, October 19, 2015

Comida Mexicana con Presidente

I swear I just wrote you guys a couple days ago, maybe I did. Anyways, this week has been a little long to be honest, but was filled with tender mercies and miracles the whole way!

The week was going great until Tuesday came and Elder Murillo received a call from Hermana Erickson saying that an emergency came up and an hermana was in the hospital. She fell pretty hard while proselyting, but she or her companion didn´t really know why. So my companion, who is over everything with medical aspects had to be in the hospital a lot with her while the doctors ran some tests. It took about a week for everything to calm down and we ended up losing a lot of time in our area. 

Wednesday I had to take a trip to the area offices, which happen to be out of our mission. Elder Murillo had to do other work so the assistants ended up coming with me and just as we were leaving they got a call from President asking them to lunch. Since I was with them for the morning, President told them to bring me along! In the end, President, Hermana Erickson, the assistants, and I went to this amazing Mexican restaurant just a couple blocks from their house in San Isidro! Elder Nielsen pointed out to me that it was the first time we have had Mexican food for over a year. 

Oh hey, remember our convert Daniel? The one who told me what happened before my mission. Yeah, so we had another lesson with him and he was just having a lot of questions about a lot of different things. In the end we shared DyC 58:27-29 I believe it was, and he just said wow. He told us that scripture just changed his way of looking at his situation. He had been asking everyone else for answers, but had not been putting in the real effort to find them for himself. We left him reading his Book of Mormon that night and two days later he told us how his boss called him later that same night and said that he had a lot of work for him. Daniel ended up making enough money to pay off the rent he owed for two months- which meant he did not have to move as he had originally planned, and after that was done he had exactly-down to the Peruvian dime- enough to pay his tithing on it. He has since promised us that he will read the Book of Mormon daily. 

Well, this is getting pretty lengthy, but the last great miracle occurred Sunday. After almost a week of not working in my area, we left early Sunday morning to see if anyone would come to church with us, and two new investigators were ready and waiting! And, the hermanas in my district also had a family each in the church! I felt overly blessed this week and know that after all we can do, the Lord will provide. I leave you with my new scripture for ponderizing this week. I have to translate it, so it probably won´t sound right.

Alma 5:26
¨And now my brothers, if you have felt a change in your hearts, and if you have felt a desire to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask you: can you feel so now?¨ 

I know that many have felt this desire, but due to many factors have now forgotten it. I love this scripture because it comes with a challenge, find the desire to sing the song of redeeming love, and feel it every moment of every day.

Elder Bradford

Futbal on our P-day

The turtle that lives below our room

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