Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cambios en las oficinas

Wow, this week was long! We had transfers and boy did we get swamped! Long story short everything went swimmingly with the transfers, but at a great cost. During the whole week, we were only able to get about three solid days of work in our area. Oh, I almost forgot. I also had a transfer. Instead of proselyting in Independencia, I am now with Elder Murillo- the ministrations secretary- in the zone of Tahuantinsuyo. My new area is not the most productive, we are actually trying to up our investigators right now from a pool of about two. 

I also officially received a district again, I was almost beginning to miss being a district leader-almost. I have two sets of hermanas in my district, one of which is brand new as of this transfer! It has really been keeping me on my toes. President has really been changing the offices to keep us ship shape and missionary style! 

I am glad to hear that everyone had a great conference weekend. I loved the talk about ponderizing a new scripture every week. Mine is DyC 10:5. I have really been focusing myself on praying with more intent and faith that it can have a true power in my life. I can say that I have truly seen miracles this week. 

I also had a really interesting experience this week. We were teaching a recent convert in my new area and I had heard some strange things about him beforehand. He is known to have seen visions and other things of that nature. Well, we were teaching him and out of the blue he just turns to me and randomly tells me something that happened to me before the mission- something that I never told any of my companions or anyone else here in the mission! I felt so strange in that moment. This guy has talked to multiple missionaries now, a member of the stake presidency, some random member who has studied the scriptures like nuts, and is now preparing himself to receive his patriarchal blessing and go through the temple in about ten months from now. He is an awesome guy, but has some of the crazy things to tell you. We have spent hours talking about demons, angels, cherubims, seraphim, and a lot of the bible. The guy has just about seen it all, including Presidents Hinckley and Grant. The crazy part is that this is actually one of the milder things that have been known to happen in Peru. 

Well, it appears that the time has slipped away from me. Sorry that I do not have any pictures, this week was just a lot of desk work and long days. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Bradford

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