Saturday, October 10, 2015

Camilla se bautizo!

This week flew by! The only major event that I can remember is the baptism of Camila. It went rather well for a baptism in Peru. She had a grand turnout and great support from the ward! Elder Mariscal, the old assistant, came down from his home in Churillo to perform the baptism. Her mom really enjoyed it as well and we are planning her baptism for next Saturday.

Today we have a great Pday planned out! In just a bit we will start off with a session of conference watching in the oficinas, then we are off to lunch and directly we will head up to our area to collect some investigatores for the second session. We then plan on coming back to finish off our day with the Priesthood session. I am so pumped!!!

I wish there was more to write about, but there really is not. Life in the offices this week was crazy with missionaries finishing and training for district leaders and some problem with the guy who does our laundry- he was charging us s/6600 each month to do the laundry of 100 missionaries which is way too much. Anyways, in the end we are all excited for a small break before the actual changes come this Tuesday. 

I hope this letter finds you all well and getting ready for the conference! I hope to read and write about the conference weekend on Monday, so take good note Megan and we will compare then!

Elder Bradford

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