Monday, September 28, 2015

El fin del mes

Man, I will never understand where the time goes. And so here we are again at the end of another month. This past week has been amazing! We have been able to get out of our half-cubicles around four or five everyday to proselyte and we have certainly seen the blessing of it! This past week we got Jean Pierre, our eternal investigator, to commit to baptism October 3! It was only after the lesson we realized that it is conference, but he was the one who picked out the date and we are the ones with the goal to baptize each week without fail. I am not entirely sure how we will manage it, but I guess we´ll just plan well and pray hard. Today we are officially starting our goal, Camila is getting baptized and will kick it all off! 

I totally forgot, but in case anyone is interested, my companion´s name is Elder Herrera. He is from Huancayo, Peru. He is also the Personal Secretary of President Erickson and is usually the first one to take the blame if anything goes wrong. He is almost done with his six months in the offices and will train his replacement this upcoming transfer. I will end up going through four different companions during my six months here in the offices. 

Well, as for life in the offices, it is great! I came into the offices with a new assistant and new record secretary as well. The new assistant, Elder Nielsen, has the greatest attitude I have ever seen in a missionary, and great vision for the offices. We came in knowing the the offices didn't have the greatest reputation of being hard workers or very obedient, but Elder Nielsen is set on changing that, and we have already gotten pretty far. Elder Herrera and I just went to a goal zone meeting this week. Every area in our zone put down goals for October of baptisms and less actives rescued. It seemed pretty normal to me to be there, but apparently the offices have never been present in a regular zone meeting, let alone one of goals. 

Not too much more has happened this past week. Everything seems to be pretty peaceful. The secretary of supplies is almost dying of a cold, the other assistant is pretty trunky- he dies next change, we are entering a prank war in the offices due to Elder Nielsen, and President seems pretty happy with how life is going. Hope you all have a great conference weekend and can´t wait to hear about your favorite talks. 

Elder Bradford

Me and my Papi just doing our job

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