Monday, September 14, 2015

Work, Work, Work

Wow, I can´t believe that is it already Monday again! Mom, I am sorry that I didn't send out this email Saturday, things were a little crazy en the offices and with Elder Sitton leaving today it was full on work mode this week. It was an amazing week, but very, very tiring. 

First off, we had a baptism this Saturday! It was a little different than others. The investigator, Milagros, is a 20 year old who loves flirting with the missionaries. Before I got here Elder Sitton was teaching her, but then felt too uncomfortable and so he passed the teaching to the assistants and they took over. In the baptism she tried hugging Elder Nielsen in the font, he ended up against the wall with his hands in the air trying to avoid her. I guess the plan now is to pass her off to the ward and let the ward council take over teaching her. 

For our Pday we ended up in Lima Central where we took a few pictures, ate lunch in a restaurant overlooking the town square, and came back to the offices to relax a bit. Elder Sitton also packed his things up and is now heading out as Zone Leader to Wiesse, my first zone in the mission. 

To answer a few questions, we don´t exactly have a mission home. The president actually lives outside of mission boundaries, and so we just use the offices which are offices within a stake center within the mission. Those who work here sleep in a room close by, and pretty much follow all the same rules as the other missionaries. The big difference is that we work all morning in the offices, go out to eat some lunch, head out in the afternoon to work in our area, and then come back at night to finish/get a head start on tomorrows work. We usually see President 2-3 times a week depending on the week, he is usually working in other places or in meetings. And to answer your question Brooke, actually yes, I am in charge of a few financial documents. Elder Sitton explained that my job is to keep everything that pertains to the finances of the mission off of Presidents lap so that he can focus on everything else. Apart from approving the budget and the weekly withdraws, president doesn´t have much to do with the financial department of the mission. If anything goes wrong I pretty much answer to the area authorities. 

In our area we have found many new investigators with many challenges, but they are so humble and ready to learn! We have three more goals for this month, maybe a fourth, with two for the October now. I love this work and I love seeing people change their lives! I know that God lives. I know this is His work and glory, and I invite each of you to find a way to get involved in the work of salvation!

Elder Bradford

Eating lunch in the center of Lima

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