Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Los Pioneros

Wow, this week went by fast! We managed to get in a lot of good, hard work in the area, and in the office. I never realized how hard the guys in the office actually worked until I got here. They pretty much have twice the work load. The mornings are spent in the offices getting everything done so that we can leave in the afternoon to go up to the area that we share with the assistants-Los Pioneros. It is great area that has changed so much. Before the whole mission said, no pasa nada con este area-- that area is crap. But then the assistants got in there and worked a little harder and smarter and baptized 6 the first month, and got the attendance up to the point that now we lack room in the sacrament meeting! 

We found some really interesting people this week. One of them is a youth named Jesus who works as a clown, another is a Buddhist, one is a mother of three kids all with strong hadicaps, and another mother who lost her 20 year old daughter recently. We are really excited to teach them all, except for the Buddhist, she did not want much to do with us. 

I also realized that I forgot to write about my new companion, Elder Sitton from Arizona. He is one of the best companions that I have had in the mission. He teaches like none other and talks just like a Latino. We have been putting in some rough hours recently trying to get ready to get him out of the office and get me up to par to take over for him. 

I have been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to be a missionary, Knowing what I know now, I would never trade this experience for anything! I know that this is the Lord´s church and that our Father lives and talks with His children. He is not a passive father, He is an active father with an active interest in our lives and wants our success more we do. Have a great week and enjoy your back to school time!

Elder Bradford

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