Monday, August 17, 2015

La Familia Espinoza

Wow, this week I saw more miracles and heartaches then I thought possible! But, man can a mission grow a testimony! First of all, we started this week with a special training from President. He started out by asking where does God receive His power. He explained this concept last year, but I still love it! The answer happens to be found in D&C 29 verse 36. Papi Erickson also told us that we were teaching lesson one wrong. As a mission we had somehow fallen into the false traditions of our fathers and taught according to the precepts of man. We then told us we had to memorize the lessons from Preach my Gospel and the JSH verses 10 to 20. Elder Muruchi and I are really trying to get there and we have seen many miracles come from it. We were almost overwhelmed with three new families this week which the Lord literally put right in front of us to teach!

As for the header of this email, this family. Well, the missionaries have been trying to marry them for almost three months now, but nothing. This week we started off with a fast and after a long day, managed to get the next set of papers in the process! IT felt like pulling teeth, but we did it! And we saw miracles the whole way. The day we had to go, the sister did not have all the right paperwork, but it turned out it was not necessary, and we made it work with some document numbers. She also told us she had an important doctor appointment, but we said this salvation was more important and she changed her mind in that moment and came with us. However, after that the family did not want to progress. We stayed one night teaching and prophesying until a quarter after 10, and the dad came in late which was a huge miracle because he was suppose to leave with his brother earlier for two days and therefore miss church and Sunday. He told us that as he entered his house he thought why was he late and why did the missionaries happen to be at his house. However, when we went to pick them up for church the next day, no one was home. Today was the last day to sign them up for the marriage, but the dad told us no, flat out. 

So, that happened, but then we have the words of Daniel chapter three, when the three friends of Daniel are about to be thrown in a hot oven. They refuse to deny God and state that He will protect them, But if not, be it known unto thee, king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. 

Even if we could not get them married, we will not give up our faith in God. 

Well, that is pretty much how my week went, a lot of trials, miracles, faith, and hope. The work here in Peru is rolling forth and for good reason. I feel know more than ever that the Lord is hastening His work. Wickedness is in abundance, but the righteous are gathering and the stakes of Zion are strengthening. I know the Lord guides every step of His work and I pray for you guys every day. Until next week! I love you all.

Elder Bradford.

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