Monday, August 10, 2015


Well, it finally happened, we got Andre in the water! He is a teenager who has been waiting for about a month now to get baptized. He started atheist, but after some time with the missionaries he found God and managed to finish the Book of Mormon in a little less than a month! He did all that and then just had to wait for his dad{s permission to enter the water. 

We also have a lot of faith for this month. We have been working hard this week to find some new people, and two of them came to church! More than anything my testimony of this work is always growing. It is amazing how the Lord prepares His children. 

Just this week we learned that Elder Bednar is coming to town. Our mission and the mission Este will have the chance to listen to him on the 27 of this month! How sweet is that? 

I feel bad, but not much more is happening. My companion was almost eaten by a dog, yes we drink a lot of bottled water and Inka Cola, my health is good, my apartment is very rich for my area, and we keep pushing on. 

I hope all is going well and just want to say congrats to everyone leaving on their missions. Also, to answer your last question mom, I will be coming home around the 14th of June, or end of July, depending on if I extend. I know this work is of God, no unhallowed hand can stop it and no hallowed hand would ever think to try. 

Elder Bradford

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