Monday, August 3, 2015

Another week of work

I swear I was just here writing you guys. But here we are with yet another week of work done! Nothing really happened this week. We finally met our goals with our 32 lessons. Elder Muruchi and I have been working hard to keep the work going strong here. Our ward doesn't have the strongest leadership, but we do have a lot of less actives to rescue and so there is always someone to visit! 

This week I really learned a lot about life skills. How to manage time effectively and how we can't afford to be content with going through the motions of life. This week we saw some amazing miracles in that we were able to contact some awesome families and an atheist who was very talkative. But at the end of the week our zone leaders helped me to see that we didn't have a lot of fruits this week, nor the other missionary in my district. However, there is something called progression and boy am I ever so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who gave it to us!

We have been working for some time now with the Family Espinoza and some papers finally came to start the marriage process! Here in Peru it is a long and hard process. But, something happened and they got robbed. So now, we are back at the starting point, but I know that there were some grand lessons we had to learn there, and now we get to continue with faith and work with miracles!

I have also been reading the Book of Mormon again with vigor, I don't know why I ever stopped. That book truly contains the everlasting gospel of the Almighty God. There is not a doubt in my mind that every word, every phrase, every principle was written for a divine purpose. 

I know that this might be a little short, but as the scriptures say, My father continues working and and so must I.
I love you all.

Elder Bradford

PS Mckay, remember to send me your LDS email.

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