Monday, May 18, 2015


This week sure had its ups and downs. It started off with a lot of faith and hope and promise. We have been working very hard to get our investigatores to accept dates for baptism, and we finally got two of them to agree to a date. One is Shirly and the other is the grandma, Josefa. We had the chance to teach them about the Plan of Salvation after we learned that the husband of Josefa passed away some years ago, but it is still an open wound for them. This family is very humble and the grandma is by far one of my favorites, she almost always offers us something to eat or drink. Well, we passed by on Sunday before church and all was well, until only the grandma showed up. That was hard because Shirly had a date for this month, but not anymore because she lacks two attendances still. However, I know that the Lord has a plan for this family.

So this week the Hermanas had a youth to baptize. His parents aren't married and aren't members yet, but his mom is more faithful than a most of the other members! She is in church every week praying that her husband will accept the invitation to be married. Well, Elder Mayta and I were working pretty hard Saturday with Elder Benavides, our LZ and my old companion, when I had the thought that I should probably call the Hermanas to check if all is alright with the baptism. I asked if they were ready for the baptism in two hours and they told me that they had everything but one thing, someone to do the actual baptism. Yep they asked me to do it! I ended up baptizing Junior in one of the best organized baptisms I have ever seen in all of my mission!

Well, not a lot else has happened, we are now working hard to have a full month of baptisms in June and are very excited to visit the temple of Lima this Thursday! I cannot believe how great a mission can be! I never thought I would enjoy my mission this much, but I love watching the Gospel change the lives of anyone who will listen! I have a strong testimony of this work and this church, and I challenge all of you to strengthen your own testimony. 

PS. That it so awesome about Parker's mission call! Tell him congrats and good luck. The key is just relying on the Lord and enjoying every single moment! I love you all.

Elder Bradford

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