Monday, April 27, 2015

The joke that wasn't a joke

Well, this last week started a new transfer. Yep, I am now enjoying the good life in Comas. My new area is almost similar to the states! Well, compared to my other areas. We also have a small couch in our room and I use it every night. My new companion is Elder Mayta from Peru. He has six months in this area and works hard, it´s great! This week has been a little hard for me. It started off great, President even made a pretty funny joke during the meeting of transfers, but then my week kinda hit a wall when I realized that President wasn´t actually making a joke when he said I was District Leader in my zone. 

BUT, we started off the week working hard and finished hard and it went pretty well. The people in my area are very friendly, more than I thought they would be. The area is very rich compared to other parts of Lima, very flat also. Part of me misses my mountains. The ward, Retablo, is also very strong and the bishop is awesome! We pension for breakfast with him and his family and they always have this awesome fruit juice from papayas. I think I am going to weep if I can´t find it in the states. 

I can´t really say much about my area yet, but we have some awesome converts and menos activos and investigadores. There is actually one less active that is going to study at BYU soon and wants to study medicine. We might just end up studying together. 

This week has been a time of growth for me, and sorry but I am out of time. My report to president now takes a little bit more time, but I have pics! Old pics, but still!

Elder Bradford

Hermana and Elder Rodriguez

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