Monday, March 2, 2015

Who tempted Satan?

So last week Elder Dansie in my zone asked the question, ¿quien tento satanas? Who tempted Satan? We have always had our agency since before time, and there is always an opposition in all things, but what was that opposing force to God that tempted Satan? And ever since it has blown my mind. And that is how I started off this week. We actually had quite a few miracles this week. They started when I got sick Thursday and spent more time in the bathroom than in my area. The miracle that occurred afterwards was that somehow we still met our goal of 32 lessons taught this week. I have no idea how we taught them because we pretty well lost two days, but we did our best and God blessed us with the rest.

Another miracle that we saw came when we got a call from the mom of Carlos, a recent convert of Elder Pastenes. She told Elder Pastenes that Carlos pawned his cell phone for money for drugs. It was pretty devestating for Elder Pastenes, but the good news was that we knew Carlos was in his house and we finally were able to visit with him for the first time since I got to this area. We talked with him about life and he later came to church and even attended a service project with the YSA. That was pretty awesome. 

The last miracle that I find noteworthy is that the weather is finally started to cool down. It is not a lot, but it is noticeable!

So, a little more about my ward. We have a ton of recent converts who are not coming to church, so we have some work to do in that department. Elder Pastenes and I cover half of the ward and Elder Glover and Elder Rivas have the other half. The people generally are willing to listen and the kids always want to talk with the greengo, the drunks also. 

Not much has happened this week. However, I happened to be reading in the Bible Dictionary this week about random topics, and I remember specifically reading under the heading of angels and it talked about them not having wings. ( I wish you luck, dad, with your calling.)

Elder Bradford

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