Monday, February 23, 2015

Eternas Pueden ser las Familias

Wow, the weeks sure are going by fast. We only have two more weeks of this transfer. This week was pretty interesting though. 

On Tuesday we had a multi-zone meeting. It was Awesome. Our zone and another joined together and we had practices and training from President Erickson and his wife. We also had some amazing sloppy joes and a coleslaw salad that mom always makes. It had raw top ramon and almonds and was the best food I have had in a long time. Also, Sister Erickson said something that I am going to tell you about for the reason that you can know we are in the Lords hands. In one of her trainings, she talked about the possibility of an earthquake here in Lima and that we should have a miniature 72 hour kit. Really, it would be a 24 hour kit. The point is that if there should be one, we would be ready. Right now, all the missionaries are placing their guesses about when it will take place. 

In other news. This Friday we sang as a zone at a civil wedding. When I heard we were singing I thought about that one time I sang in ward choir and Dad asked why I thought I could sing. Well, I had the same question this time around, but presidente said we had to sing si o si. So we sang Eternas pueden ser las familias y Home can be a Heaven on Earth, both partly in English and partly in Spanish. And it wasn't too bad. 

Right now, not much has happened. We are working hard with the converts in this area because in the past year this ward has seen 34 converts but we are only seeing about ten come to church. Its a problem that we are trying to fix. The bright side is that we still have two amazing familias of gold, Nely and Luis, and Flor and Doni, that just need to get married and then baptisms are going to rain down from the heavens. There are a ton of people here who are ready for baptism, really we just need to sort out who will really progress and who will go inactive after the first month. 

Well, I pray everything is going well at home, I love you all and will talk to you all next week. 

Elder Bradford

PS The sushi in peru is bien rico!
PSS Elder Pastenes loves gazing thoughtfully over our area.

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