Monday, March 9, 2015

Another round of cambios

Yeah, I know, my headers are very creative. I am just proud of myself that they are in English, mostly. Anyways, this week has truly been a growing experience for me. I have started taking on more responsibilities and doing a lot more in the paperwork department. I think that many members would be surprised at the amount of paperwork and records that missionaries have to go through each week. We pretty much have records of every person we ever talk to during the week.

This week was a little sad for us because our investigatores of gold, Nely y her less active husband,  told us that they no longer want to get married this month.  We had everything ready but then some family came into town and said some things and now they think it best to wait. The part that has us worried is that we have seen this happen before and it never ends well to wait. It only leads to eternal investigatores that almost never progress. 

However, the Lord blessed us in other ways. We found two other familias that are really receptive and express a real interest to learn more. One of them however is either the most prepared person in all of the mission or he knows more about the church than he told us. But we are very excited to work with them! 

As you might have been able to guess from my spanglish of a header, today is the day of transfers! Everyone has been guessing what will happen for the past three weeks now. I am pretty sure that my companion, Elder Pastenes, will have a transfer, and Elder Glover also. But we are about to find out in about one hour. 

Also, I am feeling great now. There is a member who lives one floor beneath us and he gave me some weird Peruvian medicine from bees and I really felt a lot better. It was so gross that it took away all my hunger for almost two days but I was able to recover. It truly was a miracle cure. 

Hope all is going well at home and will be sure to inform you how transfers are. I love you all.

Elder Bradford

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