Monday, March 16, 2015

Magnolias, Todavia

Well, no I did not have a transfer. Elder Pastenes and Elder Glover both had transfers and it was pretty hard to see them go. But now, I am with Elder Calle, from Bolivia, and it has been pretty good. He is the district leader in our district and has one transfer more than I have, but because he is new to the area I had the opportunity to play senior companion. 

This week we had a baptism planned for this single mother of three, Angelica. But when we went to pick her up for her big moment, turns out she was working. We did find her boyfriend who is now living with her though. So yeah, her baptism got pushed back a little. It was a little frustrating, and Elder Pastenes even returned to baptize her. However, now we have some time to prepare her more for a future date. 

The highlight of my week was finding Rolando in the church. He is the boyfriend of a member who was recently less active but now assists the church every week. He has some problems with drinking, but he really wants to change his life around and the crazy part is that he calls us to set an appointment, I am really excited for the day he is able to stop drinking. 

Hey, do not worry about my package, I am just glad it is not lost in the Peruvian mail system. Also, if Megan can not get a flash drive ready in time tell her not to worry about it, I still have my Ipod and all that music. No, I did not hear about that sister missionary. And how many suicides has LP had this year? 

I hope you enjoy your warm weather, we are anxiously waiting for our winter. Take care and I will write you next week. 

Elder Bradford

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