Monday, March 23, 2015

Conferencia con Elder Godoy

This week was packed with work, meetings, lessons, and a whole lot of Spanish. I even hit a personal best, 38 lessons with 102 contacts. I think we worked so hard because we didn't want another call from the offices about the low attendance of our converts, but it did not really matter much when Sunday rolled around and we saw four converts in the church. However, it is amazing to see the growth we go through during hard times. I have never felt so drained, and yet so tall. It is like all my energy of the week went into growing spiritually. 

But yeah, this week was awesome with investigators. We started teaching the son of a sister here who is the best. The son is very smart and reasons through what we teach as well. He really wants to get married to his girlfriend and have a traditional family. We tried focusing on that during our visit, but we ended up talking about every social issue as well. The experience really grew my testimony of the promise that missionaries will not be confounded before men. I had answers come out of my mouth and I had no idea where they came from. Well, some came from conversations I have had with Mom, so thanks Mom! On top of everything you managed to help a Peruvian man understand more about the church and come closer to Christ. 

We also managed to have time for a conference with Elder Godoy from the area. He did an amazing job. He and his wife are from Brazil but moved to Peru recently, and long story short we ended up having this conference in Portuguese, English, and Spanish! Talk about exercising the gift of tongues. 

Well, I lack time this week, but life is awesome in the mission field. It sure is different, but nothing can compare with the experience of a mission. We tell all the youth here that even though they see us almost everyday in the streets, they cannot fully understand what a mission is until they serve one. I hope you have a great week and start getting your questions ready for General Conference, I feel like it is going to be a good one. I love you all.

Elder Bradford.

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