Monday, April 6, 2015

I collect people, not eggs

Wow, where to begin? First, conference was awesome as always.  Conference weekend in the mission is a little different when you have investigatores to worry about. But we did manage to get a recent convert, Carlos, to come with us to one of the sessions. He was really strong in the church after his baptism but then he fell into drugs and that is pretty much when I got to the area. So it felt really good to get him in a church again and listening to apostles too! Also this weekend was a miracle for us!! Recently, we have been spending a large part of our time each Sunday trying to collect our converts for church, and as a result our investigatores have not been coming. We have been a little worried that we would not have a baptism this month because our investigatores lack asistencias. But, the Lord smiled on us and we ended the weekend with four investigatores and six converts in the chapel, most of whom assisted on their own!
Side note. Did I see Brother Hansen, Caleb's dad, in one of the choirs in Conference? 

The other week we had interviews with Presidente Erickson and an inspection of our rooms, something that happens every two transfers. Normally, the interviews are really fast, but this time around we had a really good talk about life. We talked about some challenges and things I can improve in. It was a real testimony builder of something Elder Godoy said. "A missionary is called to a mission based on the president of that mission." 

This week we also received the news that our mission is baptizing more than any of the other missions! As a result, Presidente Erickson is starting to give trainings with a lot more doctrine about the lessons. Normally he has to talk about rules and how we need to improve, but now we are onto a higher level. Recently, he talked about the happiness and how Adam and Eve were not happy in the Garden and even though we had joy in the pre-earth life, it was limited without a body. It has become one of my favorite topics to study now. That and the second coming. And Cain. 

Wow, does the time time! I wish all a great week and again, if you have not seen the new video about Easter from the Church, Because He Lives, watch it. I love you all.

Elder Bradford

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