Monday, February 23, 2015

Nely y Luis

Sorry, today was a little weird and so we got to internet a tad late. So here we go.

This week we found this family that was truly prepared by the Lord. We were contacting and found Nely in her house. Well, we taught her the first lesson and left, normal. Second lesson. We taught about the Book of Mormon and left her to read the first chapter of Nephi. She also accepted baptism at this point. Third lesson was with her husband that is not yet legally her husband yet. She said that she had already read until the fourth chapter of Nephi and agreed to attend the church every Sunday, get married to her husband, and get baptized the end of March. Personally, I believe she has a stronger testimony than some of the members. 

We are also teaching another family that is family to Nely. We have Flor, probably the coolest name I have heard so far in my mission, and her husband, that is yet to be her legal husband, and three sons. She is inactive but starting with our first visit she wanted to come back. Her kids are also the most well behaved kids I have seen in Peru so far. I have the feeling that she took what she learned in the church so many years ago and put it in practice with her family. 

Wow, Presidents Day already? Time truly flies in this work. Sorry for the shortness of this email, but I am out of time. I wish everyone a fantastic holiday and challenge you all to talk to someone random about the gospel this week. It is something the wards here are doing. We recently gave a training on how to contact as members. Keep it simple and invite them to come to church or read the Book of Mormon. Share your testimony and make a new friend. It can really be kinda fun. Have a great week.

Elder Bradford

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