Monday, February 9, 2015


What miracles have I seen? It is hard to say. I see miracles every day in the lives of so many people. I have talked with alcoholics who have gone from drinking every day and laughing at the missionaries, to becoming members and feeding the missionaries almost every day. I have seen people who have changed their behavior because they found the gospel. I have knocked on doors to find people who accept the invitation to be baptized during that same visit. However, there is an experience I had this week which I am hoping and praying, will develop into a miracle. I was working with Elder Rivas, the companion of Elder Glover, and we found a daughter of an investigator. She has a family of her own and her life is pretty hard right now. She is constantly taking care of her child at home, her dad has stomach cancer, and her husband hits her at times. During this visit the spirit was so strong. It testified to me that the gospel of Christ can, and will, change her life if she would just let us in. Well, she did not have much time so we left a pamphlet and a prayer. Now, we are waiting for the miracle, that we can come back one day and find her with time to teach. 

On a lighter note, this week was Elder Glover's birthday! Which means that we partied pretty hard Saturday night. We had an amazing dinner with the members who live just below Elder Pastenes and I, and they made lasagna and it was beautiful! After dinner, Elder Pastenes gave him some crazy hot peppers, so clearly we all ate them. Man, were they spicy! I wish I could do them justice, but Peru loves hot peppers. 

That is crazy that Michael and Natasha are coming home soon! The time in the mission is truly crazy. Anyways, not much happened this week. I am learning so much from Elder Pastenes, who is awesome, and just enjoying life in the city. (However, after the mission, I am never going to live in a city again). Oh and we got rid of the bed bugs, for the most part. 

As for the package: batteries, american snacks, and a quad in Spanish if you can find one. If not don't worry, I told Elder Pastenes I would send him a quad after I return from the mission. Apparently, you cannot find the scriptures in a quad, all the books bound in one, outside of the US.

Mucho amor
Elder Bradford

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