Monday, February 2, 2015

Elder Pastenes

Yep, I got transferred. I left my area, Las Galeras, and now I am in Magnolias 2. I basically went from the end of the world to five minutes from the offices of the mission. It was pretty hard to leave everyone, but it was time for a change and now I am with this awesome Elder Pastenes from Chile. He is a great missionary and I have the feeling that I will learn a lot from him. Also, Elder Glover is in my same district! We shared a room in the CCM and now we see each other every day for lunch and service, and other random activities. Oh, and my apartment is the nicest room I have seen so far in the entire mission. It has five rooms in all. The only down side is that the shower only has cold water, and it has bedbugs. Yeah, it was slightly depressing to learn I have to deal with bedbugs again. 

It has been getting pretty warm here also. We have been lucky though and have had some days that were actually not too bad. My new area is a mountain side and literally nothing else. Literally, I have a mountain for a area, it is so awesome! We also have a ton of recent converts that we are working with and they are so strong in the church, it is great!

Funny story for the week. We got in a car crash this week. It was not too serious, but we were in a...small car type thing, me and Elder Nelson, a zone leader, were on the same side and, well, long story short we hit a parked car. I felt bad for the driver, but we all laughed because we all saw it coming, but could not stop it. 

That is crazy to hear about Drew, pero felicidades! Also, about the packages, there is actually a missionary who has the assignment to deliver the packages, and since I am now five minutes from the offices, they should get to me pretty fast. I also happen to know the elder. I got connections. 

Well, I am out of time, but I hope you all have a great week! Until next week!

Elder Bradford

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