Monday, January 26, 2015

The Lord's Work

Awesome! This week has been just amazing! First, today is the day we find out who has a transfer. Everyone says that since I have six months in my area I will probably go this transfer. Ah! Elder Whitlock is sitting next to me right now and is reading the list of who has a transfer. He just said that there are 10 missionaries with transfers! We all know that Elder Whitlock has one, because presidents has already told him. He only has five or six months left and is going to bajar, sorry I don´t know the word in English. Basically, he is down sizing? Demoted? He is going down the ladder. But yeah, they are going to read the list to the zone in an hour or so. 

Again, thanks for the shoes, they are pretty comfortable. If you do send batteries, I need AA, and goldfish. Gracias! 

Funny enough, we just got an email from the presidente about the temple dedication. He says that it is going to be broadcast to all of the stake center of Peru. Also, we can watch one of the three sessions. The church is growing fast here! More than anything, these last few weeks have really given me a testimony that this is the Lord´s work and nothing is going to slow or stop it. In fact I had a really cool experience yesterday. We were basically walking around aimlessly, because we didn´t have an appointment with anyone. And out of the blue, we find this dad that we have been looking for for a month or so. Long story short, he has two families and the is still married to his first wife who is a member with all her kids. They are all less active and suffering much due to his actions. However, last night he was walking his daughter back to the house and we asked if we could tag along. He said sure and we started talking. Well, divine intervention again kicked in when we got to the house because no one was there. We talked for a good hour with him as he waited for the mom to get home. We talked about his problems, he cried and said he wants to change. He still has a testimony and agreed to talk to the missionaries in his ward. It´s hard to explain the full story but I know that the Lord arranged that experience. The odds of us finding him that night are smaller than Brooke. 

Yeah, I don´t have too much to say this week. Our ward is still progressing fast. and we are looking at about 12 baptisms this next month if all goes well. It has been a night and day difference for Las Galeras. Our mission leader set a goal with the president of stake for 100 baptisms this year, and I have no doubt that it can be done. I recently read a talk that Megan packed for me, the Challenging and Testifying Missionary. No idea when it was given, but it is amazing. The author says that as missionaries we should really just invite persons to be baptized and should only have to teach them as a plan B. My testimony is that there are a lot more people than I could ever have imagined who are ready for baptism, they just don´t know it yet. 

As always, thank you for all the prayers and support. All I can offer is my testimony that I know God lives. Jesus is at the head of His church and He is calling His people to Him. I am honored to serve and I hope you can also find joy in the work of salvation. This is a grand work and the field is as white as Megan is in winter. 

Elder Bradford

PS. I finally uploaded some videos of New Year´s to Dropbox. the quality doesn't do them justice. It was like a war scene from star wars for almost four hours straight. 

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