Monday, January 19, 2015

Gracias para mis zapatos

So, my shoes got here this week. Thanks again, shoes my size are really hard to find here. If you do send another package soon, batteries would be appreciated. I´m pretty sure the batteries here in the shops are used, or just crappy to begin with. It´s the reason that I have not been sending pictures home recently, I lack the batteries for my camera. 

I also know what you guys are feeling with the weather. It was getting pretty warm here and then we had some slightly colder days, and now it is hot again. 

I heard about an attack in France, but I´m more curious about the virus in the US. Is it still a concern or no? Also, how is BYU doing in sports? What was the football season like? 

Here in Peru we are teaching quite a few people now. For example, we are teaching these people from the church Adventistas, yo creo. Basically they have the same structure as us because their prophetess, Ellen White, was a member of the church but got offended about the priesthood and women and started another church.   It´s really weird to teach them because we asked them once what they thought of prophets and they said that they had one. Yeah, awkward.... 

Oh, so last week Elder Whitlock´s family emailed him, for once. They said that they moved to Utah and so he will live in Utah after his mission. He was pretty upset because he´s from Pennsylvania and has a girlfriend there, well, he had one. Anyways, he told me that when I finish my mission we´re going to be neighbors and I will introduce him to my family, aka my sisters. We´ll see how that goes.

My last bit of news is that we had a baptism this week! Jans. At first I thought he was just listening to us for his girlfriend who is a member, but then he bore his testimony after his baptism and it was amazing. This ward is progressing at a wicked fast rate, and part of me hopes to see it, but transfers are next week and I have the feeling I might be going. But I will let you know in two weeks when I can and hope all is going well at home.

Elder Bradford

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