Monday, December 8, 2014

La Mafia

Good news. I got my birthday package! Yes it had my ipod and the candy. It also had the BYU shirt, which is interesting because I now have three BYU shirts, one BYU sweatshirt, one BYU tie-gracias to Elder spencer, and the BYU blanket from Brooke on my bed. All the other missionaries laugh and call me names. 

I haven´t heard much from Krista since the CCM, but Mckay still emails me time to time. 

I am happy to hear that Brighton was baptized. There are multiple stories of children who backed out of their baptisms because the water was cold. However, we no longer have that problem because we can no longer baptize children. The area seventy for Peru said no more. We can only baptize children, 8-12 years, if we baptize their parents as well, or their parents are already members and just slackers. Seriously, the number of members that have a child that should have gotten baptized, but has not yet, is incredible. 

As for the money. Every companionship gets a slightly different amount depending on their area and needs for transportation. Personally, I get 650 soles(about 220 US Dollars) each month for everything. After rent, washing of my clothes, and my pensionista, I have 282.50 soles for internet, p day, fast offerings, and what else I need. Elder Mickelson, a missionary in my group from the CCM, gets somewhat more because his area requires him to constantly use public transportation and they don´t have enough members to eat lunch with. 

Now, the reason I titled this email La mafia. Because in the words of Elder Whitlock, my ward has the ¨freaking mafia¨. It has had the same leaders more or less since it was formed. The men are great people and very spiritual, however, there is a family that refuse to attend church because there was an incident with the leaders and blame all around and now an entire family is inactive. If this ward ever really wants to progress it is going to need some new leaders to add new life and show that all are needed in God´s kingdom. 

I hope you all enjoyed the devotional of the First presidency and ¨He is the Gift¨. Have a great week and good luck with finals!

Elder Bradford 

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