Monday, December 1, 2014


So this week was awesome! We had two baptisms, Kildher y Andres Rivas. The baptism of Kildher is by far my favorite. His friend, Christain/Chippy, baptized him with the help of Samel. Chippy is the um... shorter one. Our bishop baptized Brother Rivas and it was a nice service as well. 

As for the packages, I currently have the two envelopes of garments and the Christmas package with the Liahona. 
I am sadden to hear that our perfect streak was broken this year. How did dad break that glass bowl exactly? My thanksgiving was alright. As I said before they do not celebrate thanksgiving here so it was just like any other day. We had the baptism of Kildher that day, and I am forever grateful for that. Elder Pond did invite us for pizza that night, so there is that. On Monday we had a Thanksgiving ¨feast¨ thanks to Elder Whitlock who cooked all morning for us. I have no idea how he pulled it off, but he is amazing! His family hasn´t written him for most of his mission because his mom is sick in the hospital with cancer I believe, but he works hard and speaks like a native. 

So we also are helping promote" He is the Gift". I am so pumped to see it on Youtube  Dec 7.  It has yet to become unbearably hot, and I am so grateful for that, but I can almost imagine it is Christmas here. Speaking of which, I should be able to skype on Christmas at a members house if I can remember my skype username and password. 
I also got some letters from Sister Trout and Cameron´s mom. It was pretty funny to read about Cameron´s first week or two in the CCM because it is almost identical to mine. It´s wierd to think he is still there while preston and I have almost five months. 

We also had our primary program this Sunday. that was interesting. Our ward has a problem with reverence and the children didn´t help too much with that this week. However, they did have a cupcake for every member in the congregation so...  
This Wednesday we had a multizone conference with the president and I got some banana bread for my birthday and a certificate for completing my training. I now have this certificate that I don´t know what to do with, because I never actually completed my training. 

Lastly, I have another doctrine question. What exactly is the veil? My companion says it is our physical body, but I´m not sure where he is getting his answer from. Anyways, hope all is going well and tell Brighton congratulations for me. Tambien, give Boston a hug and a roll for me. 

Elder Bradford

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