Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Casi Navidad Y Cambios

Wow, it is strange to think that this month is Christmas. Some people have put up lights and trees for it, but it still doesn´t feel like the holidays. It is funny that the weather is warm at home, because the weather is rather cold here for this time of year. 

To be honest, not much happened this week. We had a service project on Saturday, and I may have gotten a little red. (I´ll try to send pictures to Megan as I´m not sure I want the whole world to see.) Sunday was rather depressing as we did not have a single investigador in the church. Our president of the Stake has told us multiple times that our job is to teach and members should be finding people for us to teach. And now, today is transfers. In about an hour we find out who has a transfer, but I am pretty sure that Elder Whitlock is going to the offices. Like most missionaries, he really doesn´t want to, but he is one of the best missionaries.

We did help out with some baptisms, but we don´t have any this month. It´s been a rough few weeks. 

I am not sure how the family lost their children, but they are less active and are doing a little better, or so I hear. 

I love our investigators to death, but when they don´t attend church, I´m not sure what we are going to do with them. 

Anyways, as I said, not much happened this week. I can´t wait to hear about how the concert and how Hanukkah went.  Also, I love the music on my ipod, thanks again! My garments are also great. the fabric and size are perfect for this climate. Hopefully I will have more details about skyping next week, until then, have a great week y para Drew, !casarse no mas! (Don´t know if that was a phrase in Chile, but it is big here.)

Elder Bradford

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