Monday, November 24, 2014

Dia de Gracia

Yep, this is the week of Thanksgiving, I think. It is an interesting feeling being in a country that does not celebrate the same holidays as your home country. Today we are having a thanksgiving feast as a zone. I am pretty excited, however it should prove to be interesting in that stuffing does not exist here and turkey is extremely rare.
Side note. I did recieve a package this week, however I think it might be my christmas package as it has a stocking and wrapped items in it. I think I will keep it till December.
I have to apologize as not much happened this week. Elder Benavides and I helped out with eight baptisms Saturday, but ours are this next week. I did have the oppurtunity to make pancakes with the family Del Castillo Sanchez, the family with the staircase to heaven, but pancakes do not exsist here either. The mom called them pancakes, but they were actually more of a deep fried crepe. Honestly, they were really good and the mom was really excited at making an american breakfast food, I didn´t have the heart to tell her she was making a french pastry instead.
Our investigators are great, but almost none are progressing. I have the feeling we will stop teaching most of them soon and find others who really want the gospel to be a part of their lives.
 Also, I have some questions and am curious to see if anyone has some answers. 1. What´s up with the tree of life in the garden of Eden? is it the same one as in the dream of Lehi, or is it different and if so what is it´s purpose? Also, why did Adam and Eve never eat of it before the fall, or did they? 2ish. Are prophets the only people that can see and talk to God face to face? A lot of missionaries, particularly the latinos, teach this as an important doctrine for investigators, but somethings doesn´t feel right about this. And most important 3. What are you all thankful for?

I wish Kirk and Ellen health with their new baby boy and wish all a happy Thanksgiving! Tell Sister Lloyd that her daugter will be home in no time and that a mission is where she needs to be right now. Congratulations to Morgan, that is impressively fast. Stay warm and talk to you all next week with hopefully some fantastic photos
Elder Bradford

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