Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Feliz Navidad

So, yeah, Christmas is this week. What a strange thought. Anyways this week has been really interesting. First, Elder Benavides has been having some problems at home. His brother is sick, his dad is almost inactive now, his parents want him to return, his girlfriend dear john´d him, and like everyone else, he is missing his family for the holidays. It´s been a little rough. 

Ho, we had transfers this week. Well, Elder Benavides and I did not, but others, like Elder Spencer, did. We now technically have two greengos for our leaders of zone, Elder Whitlock and Elder Wilson from southernnish Utah. It was a nice surprise because Elder Whitlock wanted a transfer really badly, but didn´t get one. But with another greengo companion who actually works, he is pretty happy.

Oh, I believe that I have 14 wrapped gifts and the stockings and tie from grandma. And hot chocolate. a letter and pillowcase. and partridge in a pear tree. 

Life at home sounds so festive. The only parties I have been to have been one at the stake center where we had to sing as missionaries. The other was right before it at the house of the bishop where we did service and eat paneton. First, the service was an experience I hope I never forget. the ward did some much needed repairs, upgrades, in the house of family in our ward. They also decorated the house for Christmas and later surprised the family when they returned home. We got to see their faces and talk with the parents in the house. I know I can´t fully explain the feeling that was present, but it was powerful. Second, the people love pane ton. Everyone says it is like fruitcake, but I never had fruitcake before, so I can´t make a comparison. 

Our investigators are difficult. Elder Whitlock says it is time to clean out our area book and have the members find people for us to teach. No, I am not sure what our plans for Christmas are yet. Presidente Erickson says that it is a time to work but I am not sure how well that will work out. We have a party with the entire mission on the 24th in the offices and everyone says it is like the 4th of July in the states, with fireworks, games, barbeque, etc. I am pretty excited for it. I don´t have a time yet for when we are going to skype, sorry. It will be Christmas day and I will be using Megan´s skype to call Brooke. As for my mission, it is hard to say. Looking back, five months sounds like a long time, but parts of my mission felt pretty long. All I know is that it feels like the transfers are beginning to pass by faster. 

That is so weird to hear you talk about homework and classes, but I wish you luck and know that you´ll do great! After decades of helping us with our homework how ironic that you still have homework after we all left. Well, take care and I will talk to you on Christmas!

Elder Bradford

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