Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So, Christmas came and went. Looking back it seemed to fly by. But it was pretty great. For Christmas Eve the whole mission went to the offices for a party with the president. My zone rented a bus for the day because we are so far away and we had to be there super early. We pretty well had a bbq and celebrated the fourth of July in december. We had a talent show and afterwards watched Remember the Titans in spanish. It was pretty great! I also saw an Elder Atwood and realized that he is the nephew of my seminary teacher, Brother Atwood, and so we talked for a while about that. I also learned that Elder Glover, a friend from the CCM is training right now. He says it is teaching him some serious patience, but he was made to train. 

For Christmas we didn´t do much. We helped put a roof up in the morning with the zone leaders and had lunch with members. After the service project Elder Benavides and I went to another member´s house to skype, which was rather nice, and watched parts of various christmas movies like the grinch and the polar Express. I forgot how much I love those movies. However, I only got to watch parts of them because Elder Hunt had an appointment with an investigator and I was getting bored, so we went to that. 

I ended the week in my bed for the most part. Saturday and sunday I was a little sick and couldn´t work, but then some members were like, hey drink this limon. And after an hour or so I was completely fine. Go figure. 

Oh, and Ciri Garcia is awesome. She is pretty much the mom for the missionaries in this ward. On Sunday she was trying to tell me how she became friends with my family on facebook, but couldn´t pronounce Megan´s name and gave up. Sorry Megan. 

So funny story, I was putting my shoes on this morning and thinking to myself, I could probably use some new shoes to rotate through, why didn´t I let mom send me some more. And then I got your email and I said, "clearly mom knows best and I should never argue again". So thank you, I would love if you could send me another pair. 

Well, I don´t have much more to say. I hope everyone has a great New Years and I will talk to you in five months, I guess for Mother´s day.

Elder Bradford

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