Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Yep, this week we had transfers and my new companion is Elder Benavides. It´s great, he actually does the work that missionaries need to do, such as plan and fill out the paperwork. I have great hope for this area. Our ward mission leader, Tanos, actually had  a dream a while back about the baptisms of many persons in this area. He said that it was so fantastic that he prayed right after the dream to ask if it was something that would happen, or just his hope. He said the answer that he received was that it will come to pass. I can see it coming to pass too. This sunday in ward council Elder Benavides pretty well told the council what we need from them and basically there is a new sheriff in town. I think it inspired them all. 
That is awesome about everyone back home, especially Lonnie and Christina leaving soon. It´s a little strange though to know that they could still beat me back home even though I have four to six months on them. 
Ah, si. So the reason this letter is so delayed is that I had migrations today and had to leave for the offices at six in the morning. I found out last night so I didn´t have time to imform anyone. Sorry.

Anyways, nothing much happened this week. My companion and I basically plan to drop all the old, not progressing investigadores and find new ones through the ward members. It is tough for me, but I know some of the investigadores simply don´t want the church in their lives right now and are a waste of the short amount of time we have. 
I hope all is going well at home and I hear Christmas is in the air. Literally, I can hear Christmas music and see decorations and it drives me crazy because it is becoming incredible hot and is only November. But, Feliz Navidad!
Elder Bradford

PS funny story, today I ran into this old couple and the guy had a BYU shirt. I thought, he must be greengo. Well, he wasn´t, but they have family in provo and were really nice. What a small world.

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