Monday, November 3, 2014


Gracias everyone for the birthday wishes. Today is going to be an interesting day. It marks four months in the mission for me, and we have transfers today. Due to some shady dealings Elder Bustamante and I happen to know that he has a transfer to Comas, and I am staying here in Las Galeras, my area in the zone Wiesse.
As for my garments I would love some long ones that are NOT mesh. The mesh are great for baptisms, but I have enough mesh and prefer others. I believe the sizes are medium for the bottom and maybe large for the tops, however, I am currently sitting in a small room with twelve other missionaries, hermanas included, and would rather not strip down to confirm the size of my garments. Also, if you did not send a wall charger for my ipod I would appreciate one in the next package. I have no idea if you did or not, I just remembered that I never mentioned anything about one. And M&Ms. I have really been craving M&Ms recently and they are difficult to find in my area.

So about my area. Yeah, I feel safe for the most part. Ask me again in two years for the full story:) As I already said, my zone in Wiesse and the ward and my area is called Las Galeras. Sadly, the jungle is no longer part of our mision. My zone is about an hour, hour and half by bus from the offices. So far I have seen Presidente half a dozen times or so. The entire mission is pretty well in the city of Lima, it is huge! We have tiendas, small shops, almost two or three to a street and large stores called Metros about twenty minutes away.
My investigadores are doing great, but some just will not come to church. I think it is because we have church at eight in the morning and the idea of three hours is daunting for them. One of my investigadores likes the morals and standards of the church, others I feel like come just because why not. However, others have sincere interest in finding the truth. There are so many churches here and so much confusion. In 2 Nefi there are entire chapters about the darkness and confusion of the last days, and it is a weird feeling seeing the truth of that prophesy.
On a lighter note... We had a service project a weeks back. I can not remember if I already wrote about it, but it still makes me laugh. We were eating lunch with a member after hauling bricks, and she had this drink that is honestly indescribable. So we were eating and Elder Rivera, a zone leader, asks in almost perfect english, ¨what is this¨? Elder Whitlock, our other zone leader and his companion, replies in spanish something like, its great want more? and starts pouring Elder Rivera some more. Elder Rivera then replies again in english with the member three feet away and a smile on his face, "I don´t like it". Elder Clawson, even closer to the member, says I have had worse. All the while the member is sitting and watching us with a slightly confusing look on her face as we try our hardest to down this strange liquid.
It has been a fun last four months. My zone is awesome and crazy all at the same time. Oh, and fun side note for Brooke. The shops here, the tiendas, sell a third pound bag of animal crackers for one sol. That is about a pound of animal crackers for $1. It takes a lot of work to stay fit here.
I hope all is going well at home and everyone enjoys the snow. I pray for you all and send my love.

Elder Bradford

Why my mision reminds me of a Dr. Suess Book.

1. It is a constant game of Green Light, Red Light with the dogs. If you turn your back to them, they will charge at you until you either turn around or they get your leg.
2. There are many strange words here that sound like english, but not quite. I think it might be a different language.
3. The people here come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Many come in the size small and the shape drunk.
4. Overall, you cannot help but love it.



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