Como esta? This week has been pretty much same old, same old. First, thanks for the package, I will let you know when it gets here and try to think of something for the Christmas one, actually there is something. Garments. If you could send like five pairs or so of new garments, that would be grand. And M&Ms. It is hard to visit the temple here and it is also closing January for remodeling. Basically, one week of garments is not enough when it takes a week or so to get laundry back. Anyways, thanks!

Yeah, I heard that Cameron left, sadly, I do not have his email.

As for my mission. I know I am pretty lucky to expect baptisms each month if I work hard and get my investigadores to church, but seriously, the joke that is not really a joke, is that this is the saddest mission on earth. I think it might be true, but the people make it worth it. There is one family in particular that I am determined to see baptized. We call the family simply Nancy y Natalie because the mom and daughter have the greatest potential for baptism, but the dad is holding them up. I could spend my whole letter about the men here, they are so frustrating sometimes. Sadly, we were not able to visit our golden family this week, hopefully this upcoming week.

Yes, I do stand out, quite literally. Often when we are in a bus I will look down to see some child staring and then turn to their mom and say," Look, a greengo"!, but I just smile and say hi.

I love my ward, singular. We cover one ward that is about the size of our stake in Utah. However, it has far more houses and hills. And mountains. And dogs. So far I have only had to talk three times. It is funny, Elder Bustamante loves talking with investigadores and miembros one on one, but hates talking in public. I am almost the opposite, I love talking with others now, but I prefer givng a talk in sacrament more. No se porque.

This week has been same old same old really. however, I believe Halloween is coming up, but no one really celebrates it here. There are some decorations in stores, but that is about it. People here are already preparing for Navidad. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween back home and am grateful for all the prayers. Thanks for literally everything, the memories, prayers, advice, and food-grandma LeBaron.

Elder Bradford
Here is a list of things I have learned since being in the field. Some are things every new missionary should know, and others are things I find interesting enough to include. Hopefully this can help some.

1. Smaller is always better! Bring small everything- small Preach My Gospel, travel size tolietries(and some regular sized ones), small journal, small Jesus the Christ and other books.
2. Learn how to type fast and become familar with You don´t have much time to write and need to type fast.
3. Know Preach My Gospel and know chapter three by heart!!! You use it everyday and need to know it! Learn it before the MTC and life will be so much easier.
4. Learn the alphabet in your language. It sounds obvious, but they actually don´t teach it in the MTC.
5. You do need bedding, and possible a pillow. Bring both.
6. Bring pills for diarhea
7. Do your hometeaching, visiting teaching.
8. Bring two weeks of garments, just do it.
9. Read the White Bible once or twice before your mission
10. In my mission we can watch Disney movies, I am not sure about others, but feel free to bring your favorite Disney movie and perhaps watch it one pday. However, it cannot have a love theme, funny right almost every disney movie has a love theme.
11. Know your Savior.
12. Bring church music, it´s makes everything better
13. Be exactly obedient no mas.
I thought I would have more to say, but honestly, I do not. Study Preach my Gospel to be ready to teach, and Know your Savior to be ready Spiritually. Be exactly obedient and have faith you can do all things with Christ. Everyone wants you to have success and as a misionary you have the right to call upon angels for help. God is always nearby and in all honesty, the mission is the bomb. Enjoy every moment and live with faith.