Monday, September 29, 2014


Wow, where to start.

First, we had cambios, transfers, this week. Seven of our zona left. I still have the same companion, which I am realizing is a good thing. I have been on splits with most of the elders in my zona and am realizing how good of a missionary Elder Bustamante actually is. We also got a new greengo in our zona. Apparently a new batch of missionaries arrives every transfer, six weeks. Side note, speaking of Elder Bustamante, he saw a picture of his new sister a few weeks ago and I think it is making him slightly trunky, but he still works hard. Kinda.

About those stairs. They lead to the house of Sanchez, one of many. I finally decided to count them the other night because we have to climb them to get to Silim and other less active members. 178. That is how many that one staircase has. It is just one staircase on one of our half dozen ¨hills¨. Life can be fun.

        The crazy stairs that Spencer climbs every day!

This Saturday we had a baptismo for two of our investigadores. It was really crazy and I know heaven had to intervene to make it work. Elder Bustamante baptized Silim and I baptized Juanita. We made the mistake of having Silim go first, she is about 27 and is great. However, when Juanita, 8, saw how cold the water was she refused to get in. We had to work with her for about ten, fifteen minutes to get her in and then I quickly prayed and we practically forced her under. She seemed happy afterwards.
                        Elder Bradford and Elder Bustamante

                                      Juanita's and Silim's baptism day

So, our stake is a little crazy here. We actually have stake conference this Sunday and will watch a rerun of General Conference next. I have absolutly no idea why and part of me thinks the church frowns upon that, but Elder Bustamante and I are going to watch the last session at a member´s house after Stake Conference this sunday. Also, Lima has elections this sunday and it is a really big deal. Propaganda is everywhere. 

Oh, about that package. Look on Craigslist. There are apperently a ton of people, and one inparticular though, that carry packages down here personally. There is one lady that a lot of missionaries use. I don't have her information right now, I will try to get it next week. She lives in Utah, but travels to Peru every week, or month for work. No one knows why. Anyways, I don't know how much she charges, but everyone says to find her. The packages are hand delivered and she does it for a second job pretty much. You can send the packages without her, but it might get stuck in customs, and if it does the president just says sorry because it is a headache to get them. If you just want to send some homemade cookies, or chocolate, anything is fine. Though, I would love some more pictures of family. And maybe some recipes. I am planning on buying a small stove and making some american meals, pancakes, for my companeros. Gracias.

As for the temple, we can go twice a year, I think. The temple is outside mission boundrias and the rules are weird right now. No one really understands them.

Lastly, we had our service project this week with Elder Spencer and his companero. I put a video on dropbox you should view. We had to haul bricks, but the people here found a better way to move them, so that is the way we use. Nothing broke and we got it down pretty quick. It was a pretty good week. 

I pray for you all and hope all is well.

Elder Bradford

Service project moving bricks

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