Saturday, October 4, 2014


Happy Conference Weekend!

Due to elections here in Peru and a mission wide P-Day this Monday, I get to write today. So, here we go.

Lima has these elections this Sunday, which means no church, no conference, no nothing. Our plan is to pretty much just chill at a member's house and possible watch part of conference via BYU tv. Next week we have stake conference, and the week after that we get to watch a rerun of conference in the stake center. I´m really excited to get a day off, but at the same time I think I would rather work. I´ve been thinking a lot about conference weekend at home and how much I love it. I love life here, but chilling on a real couch watching conference in a language I can fully understand sounds really nice right now. 

Because of the crazy schedule we have been out inviting all of our investigadores to watch conference this weekend if possible. The problem is, for many people, it is not possible. It is only available via internet or Cable Mundo, and many people do not have access to either. It´s actually hard to tell people there is a living prophet today and he will be speaking to the world, but they can´t watch it. 

Side note. If you have yet to send the package there is something I would love. My Ipod. It is in my desk drawer I believe and if Megan could just load it with all the church music, and Chrismas music, she can, that would be amazing!!! Also, if you could find small speakers for it and the cord, that would make my mission. Aside from that any american snacks sound good. 

The mission is very interesting here. Elder Bustamante pretty well summed it up when he said that in other missions you get to teach about the gospel of Christ and who God is. Here, it is straight up Apostasía. For example, the companero of elder Wagstaff, my companero in the CCM, gave a dog a priesthood blessing. Yeah... There are easily a dozen different churches in my area alone and so many ideas about God. 

There are also a lot of drunks. The people love to get stupid drunk on Saturdays and Sundays for some reason. The other day though we were just finishing a lession and wanted to grab dinner, but we did not want to spend money and it was late at night. Well, we finish, and this drunk comes up behind us and says, hey I know you are servents of God and I have this food for you. I had no idea what to do, so Elder Bustamante took a stick with some meat on it for us and said thanks and that he should keep the rest of the food for himself. When we looked back the guy was just gone. The meat was some animal heart I think, but tasted good and had no ill side effects...

Also, this week I went on splits with Elder Spencer. Why our companeros thought it would be a good idea to put two fresh greengos together for twenty four hours is beyond me. I put some pictures on dropbox of right before we went out to preach. I have to admit, our lecciones went far better than I thought they would. All of my investigadores seemed far more interested in us than when I go with only Elder Bustamante. It was a good day.

                             Elder Spencer and Elder Bradford

Hey, real quick. I was on my LDS account and saw a directory of our ward missionaries. Who are half of them? And when does Michael return. Also, I think there are some on there that have already returned home. It is a really cool tool.

Well, I hope all is going and look forward to hearing about how conference was for everyone since I will have to wait a few weeks to watch it in a foreign language. Love you all and enjoy conference!

Elder Bradford

Spencer's first apartment

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