Monday, October 13, 2014


Wow, so I was able to view much of conferencia and wow, it was amazing. I thought it was awesome that they had talks in different languages, man the church is really moving forth. I also got the impression that something is coming. There were a lot of talks about following the prophet and one that was almost a ¨don't worry if something happens to the leaders of the church, we have a backup plans.¨ I also think I saw four of my amigos in the MTC choir during one of the sessions.

This week has taught me a lot of random, yet interesting things. The first is that here in Peru, the people are required to vote. It is either return to your city to vote, or pay 70 soles. Hence, we stayed with a member for most of Sunday during elections and I was able to watch a large portion of conference on their laptop. I also need to mention that there is a unique wealth gap. In the hills where most of my pictures are from the houses are pretty weak, but in other parts, they are not too bad. A lot of people have flat screen tvs and smartphones, but no one has an Iphone strangely. Anyways, I also learned that part of the Biblia is not of God. The Book of Songs of Solomon in the Old Testament is totally his own words. In the footnotes it says that Jose Smith taught that this book is not inspired of God, and after skimming it, I can see why. Lastly, and this is pretty much for Megan, I saw a llama the other day walking down the streets. Sadly, I did not have my camera, but it was pretty sweet.

A little about my investigadores, who are pretty great. Elder Whitlock had a referral for Elder Bustamante and I. It was a family of pure gold. I think the phrase in English is golden family. The parents are married, and have much interest in the church. They have questions and can pray. Sadly, a lot of people here honestly cannot pray. It shocked me at first, but there are so many different concepts of prayer that no one knows how to speak to God as a father, it is somewhat sad actually. On a different note, the Family Albujer, who were contacts, are really close to baptism and the family is actually much larger than I had previously thought, which is exciting.

That is crazy that Cameron and Michael are leaving soon. No, I have not run into the brother of Bailey, I am pretty sure he is in a different mission. The mission did not split that long ago, so he might just be in the other part. As for the friend of Sister McIntyre, I have been working on a list for Mckay and others about a mission. I will send it to you once I finish it.

We have a member do our laundry, which is nice and bad as well. We do not have to do it, but it takes about a week to get it back. We do have a mini fridge and I am hoping to buy a hot pad soon to act as a microwave and stove.

With the package, no I do not have the info of the lady. I think you might have the address of the mission home, but I am not sure. then again, I am not sure what other address you would have. Just make sure you put my name on it, Spencer Bradford not Elder Bradford.

I hope all is going well and send my best wishes to Michael and Cameron if possible.

Elder Bradford

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