Yep, we are officially done with General Conference. This weekend they showed it via internet in our stake center. The Saturday sessions were great, but a little sad because aside from the twenty four missionaries, we had a turn out of about four members. Sunday was better, we had a turnout of about 100, from the entire stake. The priesthood session though made my month! Presidente Uchtdorf gave a talk that i think will became one of the greats. Elder Pond, a mission here, calls Presidente Uchtdorf the ¨Burnmaster¨. What I love about it is it revolves around the question the apostles asked Christ after he announced that one would betray him. ¨Lord, is it I? In spanish though it translates into, ¿Soy yo, SeƱor? It´s hard to explain, but with the rules of grammer it has a different meaing in spanish, it is very interesting. That is also partly why I study the scriptures in spanish, the book of mormon has about a 100 pages more, but it is a lot more
simple and direct.

The work here is going well, apperently we have more baptisms than the New York South Mission, go us! Our problem though is keeping them active. It is honestly a serious problem here. We also got in trouble this week for not working more with members. Elder Whitlock, our zone leader, got chewed out by the stake president earlier last week for not having us work and get refferels from the members. Knowing our stake president I can only imagine what that talk must have been like. It was really humbling actually. Elder Whitlock shared the experience in our zone meeting and opened with this, ¨The Stake president asked me if I have a testimony of the prophet. I now ask you (us missionaries) if you have a testimony of the prophet and apostles. (Silence) I tell you what the president told me, no. You do not have a testimony of the prophet.¨ We were told flat out that we have no testimony of the prophet. Here is why. The prophets and apostles have said that
members need to work with missionaries and vice versa, but we are not. ¨By thier fruits ye shall know them.¨ Our fruits are not listening and following the prophets therefore we have no testimony of them. I now ask all you at home, Do you have a testimony of the prophets?

Speaking of prophets, did you know that Elder Scott reads his own talk in espanol in place of a professional translator? I didn´t. Also, I have a quick question for dad. Where do extra fast offerings go? It´s not really important I get an exact answer, I simply wondered after one of the talks in priesthood I think it was.

Our new family, the one of gold, is doing good, I think. We have only had one visit with them because they have a crazy schedule right now and our next visit is not until this saturday.

Yeah, we pretty much just give whatever dirty clothes we have to this member and she washes them all. It´s 60 soles a month, about $20. Our pension, breakfast, is 275 soles and our room is only 400.

My health is really good actually. Every now and again my body decides to have an internal fiesta, but all is well. I think we got rid of our flea problem.

I tried chicha this week, also I had guina pig a while back, I cannot remember if I wrote about it or not. Anyways, both are really good. Chicha is this purple sweet drink made from a type of corn here. The guina pig was a little tough, but I prefer it to the chicken which is really stringy.
Wow, this email is becoming rather long.

I tried making a video of myself, but it was late at night, so if it ever uploads do not judge me too harshly.

Yeah, I should end this email now. I love you all and will try to send my videos to Brooke because there is no way they will fit on the end of this. Stay safe and stand with the prophet. Have a testimony of the prophets and back it up.

Elder Bradford