Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lo Ciento

Wow, these last few weeks have flown by! It has been crazy here. Here are just some of the highlights. 

I did receive the doughnuts, thanks Mom! The package service you sent them from is a huge deal down here. Every time we enter the post office someone is walking out with a package of some sort, mostly doughnuts. 

I have gotten really good at ironing, mainly because there is no carpet in my house for me to burn. The irons here suck, but we make do. 

The craziest thing of all though, is that I met my friend from third grade! I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I looked over at this other missionary and at the same time our eyes just lit up and we called out the other person{s name. His name is Jordan and we went to Deerfield together until third grade. No idea how we recognized each other, we haven{t talked or seen each other since then. 

On Sunday we watched a Devotional that Elder Holland gave in January, most of the Devotionals this time of year are recorded ones. Apparently the apostles get some sort of summer break. This is the second or third devotional by Elder Holland so far, and just like the rest it was very in your face, shape up type deal. He talked about our calling as missionaries and said something like, Called to Serve? So What!? For How Long? For What? He really hammered home the concept of knowing why we are out here and dedicating our time to the Lord. One of my teachers, Hermano Lyon also spoke about that idea. He said, This is the time of the Lord, not yours! It really hit me because it is so true! Recently my district has been slightly distracted and off task, but it is a scary thought to think of the consequences when you realize that it is the Lords time you are wasting and not your own anymore. 

Another thing I keep forgetting to talk about are the fiestas here in Mexico. They are CRAZY. Almost every night and morning there is some canon going off to celebrate some saint. Every Saturday there is also a loud party outside the great and spacious walls somewhere with awesome music. Last Saturday they did the Macarena! Funny thing though, all the natives say that is one of the dirties songs they know. 

The language is coming pretty fast. However, part of me still gets disappointed when I want to teach a principle of the gospel and can not say what I want to say about it due to my limited vocabulary. 

I would love to send more pictures to you, but I really just do not have any to send. the CCM does not change much. It does rain quite a bit down here, almost every day around five. Oh, I almost forgot. We sent off 115 missionaries this week. We are suppose to receive about two hundred in their place. Well, I have to go. I look forward to hearing about home and will talk to you all next week. 

Elder Bradford

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